Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Health and Wellness Tourism in India

India offers their visitors access to some of the world’s highest-qualified professionals and top-class biomedical facilities, offering world-class health care in facilities that vary in size from small, specialized clinics to large hospitals. Britain’s "The Telegraph” newspaper reported that 150,000 medical tourists travel to India each year, and that in response, authorities there are in the process of introducing a system of medical visas to streamline visitors’ entry. The Confederation of Indian Industry released a study in August 2006 forecasting that medical tourists will contribute $5 billion to the country’s economy.

Those in search of advanced medical care find that, in India, health care prices are competitive with world markets, and that it’s easy to schedule procedures. As the CII study asserts, "heart surgery in the US costs $30,000, while it costs $6,000 in India.” While each patient’s charges differ, in general, the difference in costs varies between one-fifth to one-twenty. Certain surgeries and orthopedic procedures (such as hip resurfacing) not provided in North American hospitals, are available in India.

Travelers interested in wellness find many reasons to journey to India, such as the ancient Ayurvedic therapies. Health tourism includes naturopathic treatment, spa visits and yoga, as well. Agencies offer specialized travel packages for those who consider health maintenance alongside surgical intervention.

Before or after their treatment—or both—medical travelers can enjoy India’s many popular tourist destinations. Whether they enjoy heritage tourism, or viewing wildlife, a beach vacation, or rounds of golf, India has a great deal to offer.

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