Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mud Application/ Mud Therapy

For therapeutic purposes, Mud is taken from at least three feet deep, ideally from the bank of a running stream or from a clean farm. Then the mud so taken is dried for a few days under direct sun light on a clean surface and stones etc., if any;  filtered by hand. Then you soak this mud in cold water depending on the texture for half an hour to 2 hours to get thick paste.

This mud can be applied locally in thick layers over the belly under the navel but above genitals. This application relieves Acidity and Constipation and improves Liver function.

Direct application on Skin, can relieve variety of Skin Disorders depending on Mud's natural mineral content. Naturopaths sometimes prescribe full mud bath where mud is applied all over the body except for the areas of Body orifices (openings) like ears, eyes, nostrils, anus, genitals and mouth. After 20 - 40 minutes under soft sun exposure (9-10 am) and 3-4 pm) you are asked to have a full shower. Full Mud Bath helps detoxify the body and improves Skin functions.
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