Saturday, June 23, 2012

Asking Questions to Find Answers on your spiritual Journey!

This is something which I received from one of my friends and I still do not know the source but, it is one of masterpieces. A Must Read article! - Rajesh.

I believe that asking questions are often far more important than answering them. If you do not have questions, maybe you will never have answers. Absence of questions is an indication of indifference, apathy and often shallowness. Most people never seriously think about purpose of their lives and as they do not think about it, they do not know what they want in life. Each one of us has a destiny and a high call from God and asking questions is a process that will lead you to the answers about your life, your calling and your mission. Let me look today about some important thought provoking questions that every one of us should ask ourselves from time to time.

Would you cling to what you know or you would better try something new?
What holds you from achieving what you really want?
What motivates you on daily basis?
How do you use your time?
What has to happen for you to completely lose hope?
If you had to choose between security and freedom, which will one you choose?
How long can you do a job that you hate?
What kind of job would you choose: a boring and well paid or an interesting one and poorly paid?
Are you afraid of making mistakes?
Whose mistakes are you learning from: yours or those of others?
What do you do after making a mistake?
Career, money, friends, family, love! How would you rate them according to level of importance?
Are there white lies and in what situation you could tell them?
Do you believe that principle of “sowing and reaping” really works?
What are some of the principles or rules that you think you would not break under any circumstances?
What would you change about your life if you knew you had only twenty four hours to live?
If you could come back ten years, what would you do differently?
What do you do when you reach a ‘roof’ in some area of your life?
Would you do everything to prove you are right or you could make a compromise?
Which is more important: your beliefs or flexibility?
If you died today would you have a lot of regrets?
Do you really live or you only exist?
Do you compare yourself with more or less fortunate ones?
Do you concentrate on what you can or what you cannot?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Do you love or hate yourself?
What matters more your genes or your attitudes?
What movies and books have influenced your life most and why?
Which people have influenced your life most and why?
Which character quality would you like to develop most?
What are some of the important things that you are grateful for?
Do you believe there is a God and who He is?
Have you seen any miracles in your life? Do you believe they happen?
What is your mission in life?
What is your recipe for success?
Can external circumstances stop you from being successful?
Who or what is in control of your life?
What is the difference between being positive and positively naïve?
Are you a leader or a follower?
Can everybody be happy and why not everybody is?
What are your short and long term goals?
What do you need to change immediately about your life?
Have you made a plan on how you are going to achieve your dreams?
To what extent do you care what others think about you?
Can opinion of others stop you from doing something you want to do?
Do you help others expecting something back?
What is your greatest fear and do you do something to overcome it?
When you think about challenges do you concentrate on what you fear or what you desire?
If you caught a gold fish what wish would you ask it to grant for you?
How much have you “invested” on your self-improvement?
Where would be a ‘perfect’ geographical place for you to live?
Do you imagine what your dream house should look like?
Do you often see big problems when they are really small and small problems when they are really big?
If you thought about solution to all humanity’s problems what could that solution be?
What activities do you pursue in your free time?
Have your dreams already come true? Why? Why not?
What self indulgences do you have?
What do you think lack most in your life?
Do you think you have enough resources to achieve what you want?
Do you enjoy taking initiative or you like being given specific orders?
Do you lie to yourself and if you do why?
How do you budget your income?
Do you evaluate your progress each year?
How do you handle stress?
If you haven’t changed anything about your life anymore do you believe you will achieve your life goals?
Do you believe you have missed most opportunities in your life or the biggest opportunities are yet to come?
What are the ways that you believe you waste your free time?
If a person whom you love stands on your way to your dreams, what do you do?
How can you gain wisdom in life?
How much is enough for you in terms of money?
Do you often feel lonely?
Do you become more optimistic or pessimistic as you grow older?
Do you often stop and ask yourself questions like these ones?

As you may see these thought provoking questions cover a lot of areas of life. They have not been structured very strictly, but have been presented in quite a loose way. I do not think that all questions can be answered in a single way. Some of the questions will actually raise other questions. Do not be afraid of that. A mature person will often have more questions than answers, but that is not a problem. Being indifferent about your life is a much bigger problem for most people do not even come closer to what they have been called to just because they are indifferent. Hope the questions will help you to awaken lifelong purposes in your soul. God bless you!
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